Cypher System Deadlands: Homebrew progress 2

So after hammering out Fightin’ Sort, Spinner and Drifter as Character Types, I came up with a simple equipment list, thought about bullets, and fleshed out the Stealth Flavour and the Weird Science Flavour.

Combat Maneuvers Made Easy (well, easier)

In a fit of boredom and not-wanting-to-do-day-job-work yesterday I made an Excel spreadsheet that tells you what both parties involved in a combat maneuver should roll. Hopefully, it will help to make them a more viable option in… Read More

Coming Soon- the Wokify app!

Dear Dodecaneers, Dodecaheathens Laboratories is proud to announce that after years of R&D the Wokify app will finally be released! Visit the site this Thursday, April 16th, in the year of our Lord 2015, at dusk to witness… Read More