Assemble your crew.

So last night we rolled up (no actual rolling) our crew for Star Trek Adventures. The Modiphius website’s character generator is very good except that: A) it doesn’t limit character races by sourcebook, so a few people got… Read More

Modiphius Star Trek Adventures Starter Set

We just got done running through A Star Beyond The Stars, the starter adventure (in three parts) from Modiphius for their Star Trek Adventures game. I like the idea of Starter Sets because I think they worked pretty… Read More

Hey now, targeted marketing…

  Well, at least it isn’t that Japanese chick asking me to “make love against the darkness”.

Fuck the update, here is some Worf news.

Captain Worf series a possibility.       Man, without EVERYONE crushing Worf’s every suggestion, the galaxy will be a very different, more Worf-ravaged place. watch?v=edflm7Hh3hs   Which, it turns out, I’m excited about almost as much as the… Read More