Deadlands Homebrew Playtest 2

There are a few homebrew rules I made that deviate from the Cypher System rulebook: they’re setting specific stuff like the various magic systems, doin’ stuff on horseback, which is a big part of the genre and reloadin’… Read More

Deadlands Homebrew Playtest

Ooh, boy, it’s 2am, but I wanted to try to get this down before I hit the hay. Forgive me if I am hazy on anything, I wasn’t particularly well organised while I was saying it, and I’m… Read More

Home brew progress 1

Oof. “Keep the Huckster’s deck mechanics” I thought to myself. “It’ll be fun.” I thought. Oh boy, was I wrong. I do not have the head for that kind of mathematics. My draft for the Warrior Type: Fightin’… Read More

Numenera 10 and 11: When you go down to the woods today…

Just getting caught up now – if I get last week’s session (fairly short, influenced as it was by the celebratory mood following the Vikings game) and tomorrow’s session ( an ultra-rare Saturday session) I’ll be happy and… Read More

Numenera 9 and 10: The Creeper

This is where things get a bit more vague. I may not have the order of events down correctly, but here’s the fundamentals of what went down. Sharad, an Intelligent Nano who Leads a cult of one. Meef,… Read More

Numenera 6: Plainsight

Spoilers ahead for one of the scenarios in the main rulebook, which I guess I should get out the way before Numenera 2: Electric Boogaloo comes out next year and they replace the introductory scenarios. Of the four,… Read More

Numenera 5: Making friends! Not you, Murden.

That was very nearly a session without combat. Swoon! Nevertheless, this was a busy session, with an awful lot of stuff going on and I’m sorry Rolland missed it. The characters got a little more fleshed out, I… Read More

Numenera: What is normal?

  The Ninth World is a wacky, topsy-turvy place so trying to figure out what is weird to the player characters isn’t the same as trying to come up with weird stuff for your players. To better center… Read More

Things you might like

A few things while I wait around, not playing games. I’m also waiting to hear about this year’s gaming getaway from the Scottish group, hopefully they’ll have an update soon. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2: I saw… Read More

Card Sharping: Netrunner and Doomtown: Reloaded.

I recently picked up Netrunner, card game du jour… uh, five years ago. I tend not to go in for two player games because that’s useless to me. And the idea of going to a store and playing a… Read More