Castaway Diary, day 24 cont.

  ALL COMBAT, ALL SESSION! It was a cracking one too, which – in combination with last week’s session – left 25 barbarians, four skeletons and one giant lizard dead. No Player or NPC friendly casualties, although they… Read More

Castaway Diary, day 24 cont.

Woo. Lots of combat last night – only six rounds of combat with the cannibals, but it was pretty intense with the charging and the impaling and the biting and the shooting and the skeletons and the spiders…. Read More

Weekend Away Report

Update Courtesy of JC.   A couple of weeks ago the “Magnificent 7” packed up and headed into the hills to our secluded, and (nearly) child / wife / partner / gimp proof retreat. With 3 full days and nights to… Read More

Castaway Diary, days 23 and 24

Good session last night. Action, planning, some resolution, new mysteries, more action!        Let’s get stuck in right away.

Castaway Diary, Day 23

Revisiting the drowning rules makes them seem a lot less bullshit than Thursday night made them seem. They seemed to go straight from hitting the water to dying to dead, with no way of playing out the slow… Read More

Don’t Fear the Changes

I know. Change is scary. When someone asks us “what do you think about this change I want to make,” that someone is lucky if all they get is a detached, icy stare in return. They’re lucky we… Read More

Castaway Diary, Day 22.

A few condensed thoughts on last Thursday’s action:   Sandboxes aren’t my thing, sorry. The Viper Berry quest is this party’s Kitty Genovese murder. Floki had a truly remarkable escape.   If you want the longer version of… Read More