Castaway Diary, day 25

Finally a new day! Oh, what interpersonal conflicts will today bring? /cackle /wigglefingers   Nope, instead of fights between player characters, this session moved the story on a bit. Smuggler’s Shiv’s history was revealed a little bit and… Read More

Castaway Diary, day 24, concluded.

  A character death. Or was it… MURDER? Where better to hide a dead barbarian than among a whole pile of dead barbarians?   Nah, it wasn’t murder, just your average vicious undead attack and disadvantageous terrain combined… Read More

Castaway Diary, day 24 continued even further.

Well, after last week’s carnage – having pulled what seems to have been the entire barbarian camp into one massive fucked-up melee – this week’s session was bound to be quieter. When you’ve ascended the top of the… Read More

Risk Legacy (Sco.) update from Arabtim

Back in May of this year on a lovely hot sunny day, Desfaber, StA and myself took a trip to The Source (MSP, USA) and bought a whole bundle of goodies! We loved the Source. Us Scotsmen thrive on… Read More