Numenera XP and character development

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Numenera’s system, (before they release Numenera 2, next summer), just because in many ways it is substantively different to anything I’ve played before. There’s probably going to be a few… Read More

Numenera: Play test 1

Okay, so we got our first run through of the Numenera Starter Set yesterday. Rolland and I joined the Tallens and played through at least a part of the intro adventure. Recap after the cut; spoilers obviously, if… Read More

Numenera: Mechanics

If you were trying to determine the mechanics of Numenera from the computer RPG, you’d get thrown pretty wide of the mark. Torment: Tides (as I call it, because I’m on good terms with it) give you a… Read More