Every home needs one


I will let them off for calling this a Dark Rider. IT IS AWESOME.

Desfaber if I ship it to you can you post on and mark as a “gift”?

3 Comments on “Every home needs one

  1. Wait, it calls it a statue… is this life sized?

    I wonder how I’d squeeze it into the basement.

    • Take one dark wet windswept night.
      Place one life size Nazgul on fell steed outside a random front door.
      Ring door bell.
      Wait for scream, then thud.
      Call ambulance.
      Move on a few blocks and repeat.
      More seriously – imagine 9 of them together?? Or one on a fell winged beast!
      I have always had a dream to commission all 9 life size by a top sculptor… if my Lottery ever comes in!

  2. Is it your plan to out-statue the mausoleum out your back window?