Innsmouth Harbor and Spa Yelp Page


3 Comments on “Innsmouth Harbor and Spa Yelp Page

  1. 1 star out of 5.
    “Ugh. Never going back. Room was small and missing four beds for our party of five – gal pals up from Boston doing some genealogical review. Germological would have been more use in this dump.
    Window was dingy. Staff was real pushy about checking in on us – if you are trying to pass yourself off as a spa, you have to know when to give people space.
    I understand that it is a small hotel and that shared bathroom was a reasonable expectation for the price we paid. That could have been a charming continental experience, but not with the secret passageway – we didn’t expect to have to share the bathroom with just anyone who was shambling along the beach.
    And if this town has an angry mob problem, and this didn’t seem like it was their first time rampaging en masse, I believe the owners of guest establishments have an obligation to inform you.
    My friends and I were pursued by watery-eyed locals laughing about Vanilla Nut Taps and barely escaped with most of our lives.
    Staff was resolutely unhelpful in returning my luggage and/or friend when we had to leave at short notice. The town doesn’t even have one of those charming New England antique and curio shops that can really make a trip up the coast worthwhile… any more. Because we let it burn down. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.”

  2. The sea captain was so rude, I can’t believe what was supposed to be a great getaway weekend solving a family mystery could have ended with such horrifyingly bad service!
    Also, DO NOT LEAVE THE HOTEL UNLESS YOU HAVE TO! Went out for some air and found a mob of townsfolk with “misshapen heads and watery eyes” throwing torches and a few of them broke away and attacked members of our group! Incredible. If it wasn’t for a couple of uncoordinated FBI agents we would have ALL burned to death in the hotel because after doubling in size, the MOB STARTED IT ON FIRE!

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