Looting Karzoug

I’ll work with Rolland to figure out how much bank your characters actually make after returning to civilization. He kept pretty great notes on your loot list. I’ve also taken back the item cards your characters had and made a list of them. That way if you guys ever saddle up for a 15th-17th level adventure we can get you right back to where you were…but I won’t have to keep buying those cards*.
In the meantime, here are Karzoug’s drops. Some of them present problems in that they are nigh-indestructible evil artifacts, others present the possibility of significantly effecting the world. Others are just magic items.
Chellan, Sword of Greed:
+5 Keen Scimitar
A Lawful Evil, now completely indestructible, massive intelligent golden scimitar. STR 18 required to wield it. On hit DC 20 Fort save or Slow’ed. On critical hit, DC 25 Fort or Flesh to Stone. Casts CSW 3/day, Create Food and Water 3/day, Endure Elements 3/day. Currently very confused and angry.
The Burning Glaive: 
+2 Flaming Dancing Glaive
A Neutral Evil, practically indestructible intelligent weapon, it can cast CMW 3/day, Faerie Fire 3/day, Major Image 1/day and Fireball as much as it wants as long as it is trying to kill non-spellcasters, whom it loathes. Kind of a pain in the ass too.
Robes of Xin-Shalast: 
+6 Armour, SR 24, +1 CL of all spells, two pockets function as Handy Haversacks, Immune to the effects of altitude.
Sihedron Tome: Spellbook. Preparing spells from the Tome allows the Wizard to receive bonus spells as if they were 6 INT smarter. Contains all Wizard spells in the Core rulebook (except Enchantment and Illusion spells) and five spells that haven’t been used since Thassilon’s fall. Practically Indestructible.
Talons of Leng: A set of golden finger sheaths, grants the wearer two +3 natural claw attacks. Attacks do 1d4+3+STR bonus damage. A hit forces a DC20 Will save, or be rendered permanently insane. Success just confuses for 1 round. Wearer is immune to Insanity, Confusion or similar effects. -2 WIS because of all the crazy things they whisper to you.
Runewell Amulet: +5 Enhancement Bonus to Armour.
Wand of Blood Money 33 Charges: Use just before casting another spell, cutting your hand for 1d6 damage to create a spell component less than 1gp in cost. For every point of STR damage you elect to take with the hp damage, you can increase the value of the component by 500gp. E.g. Stoneskin’s 250gp diamond dust would require 1d6 hp and 1 STR damage.
Ioun Stones:  These don’t take up slots and just float around your head when active. The manufacture of these is a mystery in the modern world, the secrets lost with the fall of Azlanti civilization.
3 Crimson Spheres (+2 Int)
12 Emerald Ellipsoids (+5 Hit Points)
3 Onyx Rhomboids (+2 Con)
5 Amber Spindles (+1 bonus to all Saving Throws)
Regular Awesomely Powerful Magic Items:
Rod of Greater Quicken Metamagic
Wand of Dispel Magic 40 Charges
Wand of Stoneskin 17 Charges
Belt of Physical Might +6
Ring of Protection +5
Ring of Freedom of Movement





*I’ll keep buying those cards.

6 Comments on “Looting Karzoug

  1. Holy shitballs. I call dibs on the Robes of Xin Shalast and the Sihedron Tome. I know that Tersplink may want the Robes, too. But let’s be honest, Little T- those robes are more of a battle mage’s attire, amiright? I won’t fight you for anything else. And I’ll give you my old robes (recover 4 levels of spells per day, INT +4, not too shabby).

    I assume no one cares about the Sihedron Tome since no one else reads a book to get their spells. If the INT bonus stacks with Alebdon’s other INT bonus it would effectively boost his intelligence to 32 for the purpose of bonus spells. That’s a lot of extra Fireballs. Plus, I’m eager to learn these 5 spells that haven’t been used since Tasslehoff’s Fall. Fucking kender anyway.

    The Wand of Blood Money looks like it may also fall into the category of “Wizard’s only” since I don’t think anyone else has to worry about components. However, if I’m wrong, have at it.

    And Tersplink, that’s a lot of wands. I can’t think of anyone who could make better use of a wand of stoneskin. Did I mention I really want those robes?

  2. Lol, yes Tersplink wanted those robes too, I think.

    The wand of blood money would suit clerics too – especially since some of their high level healing spells cost a packet.

    So you may have a struggle on your hands for those.

    The spellbook, however, is likely all yours. EVERY spell in 6 categories: with new, academically-fascinating, paradigm-shifting, avenue-opening spells. That bonus does not ACTUALLY boost your intelligence, so the bonus to spell preparation would indeed stack.

    So at an equivalent of 32 INT, that would be 19 extra spells a day. BOOM. 17 levels in wizard and you get an extra Wish spell… everyday… for free.

    Meet your new Runelord everyone.

  3. Halvard and Arradin also put their votes in for some Ioun stones. Specifically the CON boosts.

  4. I can see endless use for those robes just based on being a monk with quickdraw. I appreciate that others might more fully realize it’s potential, though.

    Ron can use the Ring of Protection and the Runewell amulet… just like everyone.

    The FoM ring, all the wands, the rod, and the Int stones are better for other people.

    I’m not sure Ron wants to live in a world where those weapons aren’t under a couple miles of kraken-patroled water. If that scimitar isn’t still a mind-controller maybe that’s okay, but those claws definitely gotta go.

  5. The Scimitar is still a mind controller. Any intelligent weapon is if the wielder is too weak minded.

    Should I infer from this that you aren’t keen to send those 11 Unholy +1 Daggers back into the market either?

    A temple of a Good-aligned deity would probably pay to see those destroyed…

    • Ron is definitely more more concerned about those 20-megaton magic items, but would prefer to see those daggers in the hands of someone who’ll destroy them, yes.