Space Monkey Ape FTW!!!

All yer bananas iz mine

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3 Comments on “Space Monkey Ape FTW!!!

  1. Space Ape.

    In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war and my inability to let people call apes monkeys because I’m a pedantic prick.

  2. And the Darwin Consolation Prize goes to… the Ape! Yes, when the going was getting tough and you were at the brink of extinction, you didn’t get the help you desperately needed to save your species. But do take solace in knowing Homo Sapiens did care whether or not other higher primates used the right word when talking about you. From what I understand, you did have a primitive understanding of abstract language, right? That’s great. Maybe if you would have had one of those cute prehensile tails those same primates would’ve given a fuck. But probably not. Aww, cheer up big guy! Give those hairless apes a little time and they’ll be partying with you and the Dodo Bird soon enough.

  3. So the Space Ape will cost 35pts. With that 35 points, it can buff your entire henchmen unit (which for me sounds dirty all of a sudden) but more importantly, its digital weapons can be used as either a Lascannon, Multimetla or Heavy Flamer during the shooting phase.

    To reiterate, Space Ape, FTW!