That nice Mr Corbitt…

You remember this, probably,…

If you don’t, this is in my bedroom bookcase. As far as I know it always has been, and always will be.

Well, it got WTFD&Ded at Something Awful:

“My main man is Cecil Talbot. He cares for his aging mother at the Talbot mansion and uses her fortune to collect antique firearms, pornographic statuary and forbidden texts.”…”He combines the pencil-thin mustache and affectation of John Waters with the bug-eyes of Steve Buscemi. He is equipped with linen pajamas, a silk Kimono he wears over the pajamas for additional armor, ladies’ cigarettes, a 16th century marine flintlock adorned to resemble a devil penis, and an extra large mint julep. He enjoys throwing parties for his friends. He is also an incurable racist.”

Yeah. Yeah, that sounds about right.

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